Advisory Work and Reform

Evolve seeks to develop Uganda's criminal law and procedure by working closely with key players in the justice system.

Evolve is working in partnership with Uganda's Justice Law and Order Sector and the Ugandan Judiciary on a number of criminal justice sector reforms.

After collaborating to present on the theme of Sentencing Consistency at the 20th Annual Judicial Conference in January 2018, Evolve and members of the Ugandan Judiciary concluded a number of resolutions.

Amongst other goals, these resolutions included working to clarify general points of sentencing principle; to review current sentencing guidelines; to provide training opportunities on sentencing themes; and to progress the formalisation of a permanent sentencing council.

The Sentencing Guidelines Committee has subsequently worked towards a next generation of improved sentencing guidelines for both the lower, and the higher courts. Evolve is providing ongoing technical assistance with this re-drafting effort.

In May 2019, the Sentencing Guidelines Committee further collaborated with Evolve to visit its UK counterpart, the UK Sentencing Council, and to spend a week consulting with other UK stakeholders in the sentencing process, to exchange ideas and experiences.

This visit has resulted in a refined a matrix of activities, including potential reforms in the following areas:

  • Design and Roll-out of the next generation of Sentencing Guidelines
  • Legislative strengthening of the Sentencing Guidelines Committee
  • Formulation of proposals for a unified Sentencing Policy
  • Reforms to Life Sentencing 
  • Training and mentoring initiatives on Sentencing Issues
  • Research into Parole and Probation capacity building