Evolve is a pro bono criminal justice development organisation. We use the experience and skills of legal experts to promote positive changes in the criminal sector, free of charge.

Our current projects focus on criminal justice delivery in Uganda, and building capacity in the areas of capital punishment, sentencing consistency, and access to justice. We work in close partnership with Uganda's Justice, Law and Order Sector ('JLOS') to identify and solve problems in those fields. 

To date, we have:

  • Assisted around 500 individuals facing or convicted of a capital offence in sentencing hearings or appeals against conviction
  • Assisted 269 beneficiaries of the Susan Kigula case who were previously on death row in accessing the courts to be re-sentenced. 243 of these individuals have received sentences other than death
  • Trained over 90 members of the legal profession (judges, defence lawyers and prosecutors both civilian and military) on the principles of sentencing and mitigation
  • Trained approximately 30 law students and graduates in sentencing, mitigation and conference skills
  • Trained approximately 30 social workers from the Ugandan Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development on interviewing prisoners and witnesses, and how to produce pre-sentence and social inquiry reports
  • Pioneered the first pilot scheme of pre-sentence and social inquiry reports in Uganda
  • Traced 79 case files involving 107 individuals that were previously missing, in a file tracing exercise throughout Uganda
  • Analysed 574 sentencing judgments and produced a report on sentencing patterns in criminal cases following the implementation of the High Court Sentencing Guidelines 2013

As the Evolve team give their expert assistance and advice free of charge, the donations go directly to cover running costs only, which are minimal compared to the overheads of other organisations. Without this crucial financial support, our work would be impossible. Join or support us to help make a difference.